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About Nominis

Nominis is as a specialist corporate and financial communications agency serving growth sectors such as technology, finance and gaming. With a broad network of financial and technology journalist contacts across national print, newswire & online, trade and broadcast, Nominis has extensive experience in advising companies on how best to engage with the media and its other stakeholders. Expertise lies across multiple sectors, more specifically in blockchain, fintech, cyber, SaaS and artificial intelligence.

Nominis was established by Angus Campbell, who has over sixteen years’ experience working in the financial services industry acting as the Head of Communications & Public Relations for both publicly listed and privately owned investment firms. In 2015, Angus moved into a leading consumer PR agency where he established the Corporate & Financial division, which he grew into the agency’s biggest growth area by working primarily with UK and North America based technology businesses.


In 2018 he established Nominis Advisory. His expertise lies in providing advice on how best to engage with the media by devising and implementing strategic corporate and financial communications strategies.


Angus is also a non-executive director of SaaS technology provider OTF.

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