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Corporate PR

Nominis’s main objectives are to build awareness and safeguard our clients’ reputation. Via a thorough understanding of your business objectives and continually acting in our client’s best interests, Nominis can provide a single or multi-territory global PR strategy.


Continually monitoring the news agenda and the issues driving the media schedule, a well-executed proactive and reactive communications strategy will allow your voice to be heard. The key to the effectiveness of any PR strategy is knowing who the firm’s end client is, which helps to determine the target media and the messages that need to be communicated.

What can we do for you?

  • Formulation of PR strategy and plan

  • Formulating key messages

  • High impact PR campaigns

  • Content creation

  • Profile building of key management

  • Increase awareness within media

  • Media relations

  • Media training

  • Video scripting and production

  • Reputation protection

    • ​Issue preparedness

    • Crisis management

  • Competitor / sector monitoring and news / sentiment analysis

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